Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Day 2: Practice

I went to a luncheon today that was all about the stress-reducing power of mindfulness meditation. The statistics quoted were saddening: most people have 65,000 -- 70,000 thoughts every day. Of those, 90% are the same thoughts we had yesterday. Also of those, 95% do absolutely no good for anybody. :/ On the other hand, most people spend 19 minutes and 20 seconds daily fully present in their lives. The rest of the time is spent thinking about the experiences of our lives.

This gratitude practice is another thought, I suppose-- it is consciously taking time to think back on the past of my day. But I choose these thoughts over mindless wandering, and therefore I find it a beneficial practice.

1) I am grateful for my friend Cyanne, who sent me a thoughtful Yogi Tea gift this morning! It made my day.

2) I am grateful that the HRMA Board included me in their volunteer thank-you at today's meeting.

3) I am grateful for the moment of reassurance wherein an Anderson person reminded me that our relationship is outside of the general nonsense of others.

4) I am grateful for incredible people like Vanessa, who reach out with support to help me through this time.

5) I am grateful for awesome vegan mochi from Trader Joe's. Mango = happiness!

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