Wednesday, August 31, 2011


1) I am grateful that my Strategy professor canceled the quiz she had planned for tonight's class.

2) I am grateful that I was able to make incredible progress on a project at work today.

3) I am grateful that I was blessed with a smooth day today.

4) I am grateful to have responsive groups of people that I work with in a wide variety of situations and organizations. I get to be part of some pretty awesome accomplishments.

5) I am grateful to feel at peace with my body today.

Tuesday, August 30, 2011


1) I am more grateful than I can express to be actively engaged in work that feels both stimulating and fulfilling.

2) I am grateful that my friends are willing to meet me for happy hour on short notice.

3) I am grateful that our kitchen is nice and (almost) shiny clean, thanks solely to the efforts of Katy.

4) I am thankful that my parents are bringing baby girl Lydia for my graduation and to visit.

5) I am thankful to know that many men value wit, personality and a sharp sense of humor more than they value skinny thighs. I am similarly thankful for me deeply held belief that I will meet one who values me specifically, and whom I respect/value in return.

Monday, August 29, 2011


1) I am grateful to have been excited to go to work this morning.

2) I am grateful to have both of my work groups set up for this semester's classes.

3) I am grateful that the lentil stew I made tonight came out MUCH better than it did last time.

4) I am grateful that my roommate is learning her way around this city. I hope it helps her to feel more at home.

5) I am grateful to be able to help out friends who are struggling with difficult career situations-- even though the help seems small, I am thankful to be able to try.

Sunday, August 28, 2011


1) Today, I am grateful for the reminder that some other than I may benefit from my completing this practice in a public forum.

2) I am grateful for the moment of joy that came from singing "Standing on the Side of Love" during today's contemporary service.

3) I am grateful for the wisdom of Angela's sermon today, and in particular for the (paraphrased) truth that is still resonating: "Sin is not breaking a rule; it is what diminishes us, and is an offense to our fullness as human beings."

4) I am grateful for the opportunity to walk with a friend tonight, and to stretch my understanding of this Universe a little bit more.

5) I am grateful for the moment of connectedness I found this evening-- sitting on my front bench, drinking tea, watching the wind dance through the trees and the lightning flash across the sky.