Monday, October 24, 2011

Ode to ABQ

1) I am grateful for unexpected expressions of community-- sitting at a bar doing homework, and realizing that I worked with four people here and know at least five* others. Sometimes the smallness of this city is stifling, but sometimes it is incredibly comforting, too.

2) I am grateful to be starting as a full-time, benefits-eligible, exempt employee on Tuesday, November 1st! ! !

3) I am grateful that my life is anything but boring. Occasionally I convince myself that I would rather have routine and boredom, but that's mostly my longing for stability. I thrive of the excitement that comes with uncertainty.

4) I am grateful to live during this time, in a place where women have infinite choices. This has been on my mind

5) I am INCREDIBLY grateful for the amazing slice of pizza I was just gifted from the Manager of Tractor, by way of donation from the pizza joint down the street. I love this town!

*make that six, by the time I finished typing.

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