Monday, September 26, 2011

New practice

Today is a hard day. I feel sad, and self-involved, and my pride is hurt, and I want to get out of my heart and my head.

I cannot articulate the gratitude I have that my new practice-- new response, really-- to this misery is to consciously reinvigorate my life with gratitude. Here I am.

1) I am grateful that I have friends who are loving, and accepting when I cry. Krista, Ben, Halee: no one tried to shush me, or to minimize my (hyperbolic, to be sure) emotional reaction. They witnessed, accepted, listened. I adore you all.

2) I am grateful for lovely song lyrics, and easy, smooth melodies that circle through my head, grounding me and reminding me that worrying you are not enough is the most common of human experiences.

3) I am grateful for my deeply trusted belief that everything works out when and how it is supposed to-- we are all moving toward a better tomorrow. Sometimes I need to trust that I'm getting there, even if it is happening at a speed I would not choose.

4) I am beyond grateful for a home full of comfort and solace, and fabulous people and energy.

5) I am grateful for the abundance of time I am discovering of late. Every time I begin to feel overwhelmed, another pocket of freedom unexpectedly opens up. Thank you, Universe, for helping me to create the space to live fully.

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